Experience With a View – Tele Series Program


Want To Experience Life With A Whole New View???

Flirt A Little With Life… And LIVE A Whole Lot More!!!

Simple Life Truths, Delivered Boldly!  Clear Talk about What Really  Matters and the Experience of the Ecstasy in Living a Full Life!

If it’s been awhile since you’ve experienced the freedom and the wild abandonment that comes with complete surrender in rapturous delight of dancing with your spirit, you’ve been cheating on yourself. And hell hath no fury like… well, a scrunched-up spirit!

There’s a natural communion with your spirit that occurs when you open to all of your possibilities, from tripping the light fantastic with your soul to tickling your personal ivories with feather-like touch, shivering in anticipation with the seduction of your senses, yielding to the temptations that physical life offers in all its forms, and then… the languid glow of a day well-spent… (Ahh…)

And if that’s not your life on a regular basis, you’re missing out. Big-time.

Come With Us To Discover A New Way Of Seeing Life!

What’s getting in the way of your most delicious life?

Is it the job, the kids or even your spouse? Is it money or time or how you feel about your body? Is it your friends, your lackluster social life or how you see the world? Maybe you’re afraid to say what you think, walking on egg shells to manage other people’s reactions and avoid confrontation? Or you find that keeping yourself small feels ‘safe’ somehow? That’s all ok… up until NOW!!!!

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

If you’re still reading, you’re clearly interested in doing ‘it’ different. You want more… you know you can HAVE more in life but you might not know how to get it. Maybe it feels like the habits are too ingrained, that the boxes you’re living in are permanent or people won’t like you for who you really are… well, it’s time to get over it!!!

So who talks about this kind of stuff like this – in an honest, outspoken, unapologetic and real way anyway? WE do!!!

It might sound funny but this is all about US – with YOU in it!!! It’s taken us a long time to figure it all out and now, it’s time to share our Experience With A View with YOU!

Here’s What We’re Talking About

At the risk of putting it all right out there, life can be a perpetually orgasmic experience more than you think… and that’s exactly the problem – you’re in your head!!!

When you’re connected to who you really are, in alignment with what matters to you most, feeling the flow of your spirit, things just happen easily and without effort. The big secret is that there are ways to cultivate having that experience a lot more often!

And THAT’S what we’re talking about in a four-week series starting June 5, 2010. (Think of it as eavesdropping on something that can literally change your life!) Have we got a VIEW for YOU!

(By the way, VIEW = Vibrant, Inspired, Exciting and Wild!)

Here’s the schedule of our candid conversations about how-to’s and symptoms and what to do about them that you can listen in on (and even ask questions about!):

Week One: BE-ing In Touch With Your Inner Volcano

  • Acknowledging life’s blessings by intensely feeling the emotions with honor, pride and love.
  • Being outspoken without the fear of saying the wrong thing.
  • Being in the “know” that everything you say is the “right” thing (Imagine that!)
  • Having opinions and being opinionated – discover the difference and why both are good!
  • Being the Volcano you are meant to be – go ahead – we dare you… ERUPT!
  • Feeling the LAVA of your passions – and yes, that may burn. (That’s the idea…)

Week Two: Your Spiritual G-Spot (hey now… that’s ‘Grace’ to you!!!)

  • Living with Gravity (note the ‘G’) and yet you Fly. How do you do that?
  • Finding the sweetest spot on earth – your Spiritual G-Spot.
  • Experiencing the intense pleasure – and divine right – of orgasmic communion with your higher-self.
  • Enjoying your emotions to manage your vibrations which magnetically attract your desires.
  • Riding the “Elevator Factor” – going up???
  • Creating a reality check to the sublime to make it real.

(This ain’t your granny’s teleclass… we are talking about what other people don’t!)

Week Three: The Silhouettes Of Your Soul

  • Understanding your BS (and yes, you’re reading that right…).
  • Going to a new place with your issues.
  • Learning to decode life’s lessons for what they are.
  • Embracing uncertainty like your long-lost lover (need we say more?).
  • Communicating with your soul by using its language.
  • Using your magnificent GPS system (it’s not what you’re thinking).
  • Getting out of the shadows to lighten up.

Week Four: Shifting Into Ecstasy

  • Shifting happens – how to know when you’re doing it.
  • Discovering it’s a fabulous time to be ALIVE (and all of what that means).
  • Biting the apple (we dare you!) (OK… you got us… we teach you how…).
  • Embodying your unique inner maverick.
  • Living the ecstasy and the power.
  • Breathing intentionally (sounds easy… but wait, there’s more!)
  • Seeing a quantum frickin’ view…
  • We’ll show you the blueprint of how to have an “Experience With a View”

Basically, you’ve got to experience yourself first and then you get to have ALL the coconuts! There are no limits to your soulful pleasure…you can be drunk on the joy of having it ALL!!!

You’re going to a different place… why not do it faster and easier by having a couple of experienced guides, right?

Your Experienced Guides (With A Good View!)

Ali Rodriquez Tuck Self
Ali R. Rodriguez, The Passionista™ Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle

I put my heart and soul into everything I do because it’s all about PASSION for me! I believe in tapping into the rhythms of life to create an even deeper and greater experience, all the way around.  I teach my clients how to use the “The Power of Five™” business building system so that they can create impacting bottom line success – with a lot of fun and gusto for life!!!

I’m all about bold self-expression, unabashed and on your terms! As a Southern woman, I was raised to play small and accommodate others. I know what it’s like to break free from rules, roles and expectations. My life’s work and joy is to inspire and empower my clients to find their unique inner voice, trust it and express it to the world with passion, purpose and boatloads of play.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”
~ Katherine Hepburn

Individually, we’re already on fire…it’s taken each of us a long time and a lot of experience to get to where we are… and together, we are a combustible combination of energy, heart and undeniable truth.

Our life purpose is to bring you the best of the best of what we know so you can take the shortcuts and experience the rapture of your life every day! We don’t hold back on any level and neither will you anymore. We call it like we see it – and we’ll let you in on it ALL in our new Experience With a View Series!

If It Feels Good, Do It!

As with anything we do, we believe in the ‘if it feels good, do it!’ philosophy of life. And if it feels good to connect with us for this incredible (and probably highly entertaining) teleseries, here’s how to join us:

Starting on June 5, 2010, you’ll have four consecutive Saturdays with us. These are somewhere between 60 and 90 minute calls (hey – it depends on where we go – if we get on a roll, who knows where it will take us?!). You’ll have a chance to ask us questions live and in-person. AND you’ll have access to the recordings and transcripts.

All for just $247 for the entire series.

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”
~ Oscar Wilde

If you know it’s time to feel passion, truth and pleasure of being alive, and just don’t know how to get started OR you want to take it all to a new level, join the Experience With a View Series now.

Come on… you know you want to… Really, who doesn’t want more in life??? And you can have it when you know the life-changing insights to see your life in a new way. Just four weeks can shift how you can dance with your spirit, savor your soul and revel in the joy of all of who you are in every way.

Use our Experience With a View to connect with your heart and soul and feel the sacred heat of your life flame. Just do it… you won’t regret it.

Once you register, you’ll receive instructions within minutes on how to access the classes via your email. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we get closer to the actual class dates too.

By the way, we stand behind our work, so if you’re left feeling unsatisfied after the first class for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. It hasn’t happened yet… but we want you to feel secure in making the decision that could change the rest of your life.

“See” you soon!

Ali & Tuck

P.S.: Feel free to bring a friend with you too – it always helps to have support from the people around you when you start making big life changes. (After all, who else will understand when you start talking about your G-spot in public???)

“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.”
~ Gloria Steinem